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For years we've been teased with talk of how one day we'll be able to have sex from thousands of miles away. That not only will we be able to pleasure a woman from our computer, but have her do the same to us. Well that is no longer fantasy, and the folks at VSex have finally given us a full fledged virtual sex experience.

Performer Information

Vsex has a large contingent of performers. The majority of them appeared to be Eastern European with at least some proficiency in English. Attractiveness was not a problem either, as many of them were smoking hot. Our only gripe here would be a lack of variety. If you're looking for slender, young babes, you'll find them all over this site. But there weren't a lot of BBW, mature, or other niches that some people may prefer.

With that said, the performers were happy to meet our needs and many came fully prepared with their own set of toys. Being that most seemed to be working out of studios as opposed to their homes, this led to performers being more experienced in their shows and getting right down to business. We also noticed many porn stars who moonlight on the site in their free time. None that were well-known, but likely a few that you'll recognize from your porn surfing. You could chat for free, although it's severely limited unless you have credits in your account.

Site Features

As mentioned earlier, the one thing that allows Vsex to stand out from their competition is the live virtual fucking. This feature allows members to control a fuck machine (dildo attached to a mechanical device) with their own mouse. We were pleasantly surprised at how many options you were able to control as well. You have the ability to thrust back and forth at your own pace, twist it both directions, angle it to hit the right spot, or even vibrate it. It's rather easy to control with a convenient remote control next to the chat window on the right. There is a bit of latency, although not something that would signifigantly effect your experience. Definitely something that every cam fanatic should try at least once.

The virtual fucking goes both ways however. If you're really into it, you can purchase an interactive Fleshlight through the site for $99. For those not aware, a Fleshlight is a device shaped like a vagina made with a composite material that feels as close as it can get to the inside of a woman. This will attach through a USB port and be ready for action. We did not get to test this out although hope to do so in the near future.

While we love using the Vsex machine, there aren't many opportunities to. Only 1-2 peformers at a time are online with the capabilities, and many times there were none. So don't expect to find a lot of options in this area. Although we will note that the ones that do were mainly pornstars and knew exactly how to put on an entertaining show.

Finally, you'll find some other basic features on Vsex that you can find elsewhere. A voyeur system allows you to watch other private shows without participating directly. You can setup notifications (e-mail or SMS) for when your favorite model is online if you have a premium membership. A favorites system and the ability to view a performers past shows and how they were rated and by who (we recommend not using a username that is identifiable to you for this reason).

Price Information

While we liked just about everything about Vsex and their unique experience to adult webcams, we just don't know if we'd have the pocketbook to make it a regular occurence. The top models can command $5-$10 a minute for a private show, and $2-$3 a minute just to sit in as a voyeur. After you move past their featured models, you get a more standard pricing, although still a tad bit higher than most other sites. There was no free trial and the minimum amount of credits to purchase is $35. While membership is technically free, you are limited to how much and how long you can talk to models for free with a $0 balance.

For using the virtual sex device, you are required to pay for at least 5 minutes of time whether you use it or now. While this may seem a bit much, it is fair considering the performer has to deal with penetration and maintaining the machine. It's just not feasible to expect them to perform on these in short increments. You can still get a performance for under $50, which isn't bad considering how unique the experience is.

Vsex offers a premium membership for just under $15 a month that gives you access to archived shows. There is a decent amount of content available although we aren't sure if it's something you'd use long term. The other benefits of this are bigger text in free chat and being able to chat for free for unlimited amounts of time. We don't feel either of those should be something that a member has to pay a monthly fee for as they are offered at most cam sites right now for nothing.

Members will be billed securely and discreetly on their statements under vsxlive.com. We saw of no problems out there in terms of complaints to their billing practices.

Ease Of Use

Perhaps the biggest weakness was the ease of use. Models are prominently displayed on the site, although there are no options available to expand the number shown per page. The large picture is a staged photo and not of her current show. There is a small one underneath that is a live look-in, but it's often tough to gather much detail from it. There are not search options to narrow girls down by body type, hair color, age, and so on. You'll have to scroll through them page by page.

Another gripe is that you aren't notified if a performer is in a private chat at the moment. The online status is online or offline. So you'll often click on a girl to find she's in a private chat and a prompt as to whether you'd like to be a voyeur in it. It'd be nice if the notifications let us know in the event we want to see the girl live before paying for a performance. None of these are necessarily deal breakers, just annoying quips that make it more difficult to get who you want.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the reason to join Vsex is the virtual fucking machines. Their other cams are nice and all, but nothing that can't be found in other places for cheaper prices. We definitely feel everyone should give it a shot, and the interactive Fleshlight allows for a pleasurable session that is as close to sex with a pornstar as most of us will ever get. If you've got some spare money left aside for entertainment, we recommend giving the Vsex machine a whirl and letting us know what you think.

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