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Streamate is another in a long line of cam sites that utilizes both studio performers and true amateurs. They are one of the most trafficked adult webcam sites out there, and prides itself on an easy-to-use interface made for both novice and experienced web users. If they look familiar, it's because they share the same backend, models, and infrastructure as sites such as Epic Cams and Cam Crush.

Performer Information

With over 5 years behind them, Streamate has amassed a solid harem of webcam cuties from all walks of life. They typically tally close to 500 online performers at any given time. Most niches are represented well on the site as we found plenty of couples, BBWs and mature hosts. Even some harder to find areas such as pregnant cam girls had a nice selection. Girls can be broken down by features such as hair, ethnicity, and body shape.

The site is heavily comprised of Eastern European and Asian girls. In fact, we were unable to find many on the site that didn't have that geographic makeup. In general, there are a lot of hotties there, but still below where some of their competitors are at. I'd rate the current makeup of cam girls on the site as slightly above average. We found the girls to be friendly most of the time, but didn't seem to have that extra motivation to truly make your experience memorable.

From a cam show perspective, the speed and quality is real strong. Framerate is better than most sites and the clarity is one of the best out there. We wish more sites would utilize their way of rendering flash. Just fewer than 5% of the girls have HD cameras which provide a much larger window to view. The image quality is real good in HD, although you may run into some choppiness depending on your cam girl's connection. One odd finding is that only about 20% of the girls offer audio. A big knock for those who like to hear their performers work.

Site Features

Streamate uses the time tested model of teaser chats to entice users. Members will be able to sit around and chat with cam girls in a non-nude environment for free. When it's time to get naughty, members can choose from a premium show or exclusive show. Both shows feature the cam girl's getting naked and entertaining you. The difference being that premium shows can feature other members, while exclusive shows are strictly one-on-one. You will pay a little extra for that privacy though.

All babes on the site have a profile that gives their vital statistics from name, age, measurements and languages spoken. A handy schedule is listed to let you know when they'll be performing during the week. Picture and video galleries are available that document prior performances (pictures are free while videos are part of a monthly membership fee).

Each girl is also given a rating based on 5 stars that can help you determine whether they're worth your investment. Similar to other sites though, ratings are not closed off to just those who have watched a show. This leaves them open to abuse from those just rating girls based on looks.

For personalization, Streamate offers a section called "My Streamate". This is a fairly straightforward favorites section that allows members to add performers they enjoy. If you're dying to see someone get back online, you can setup alerts that will either text message your phone or update an RSS feed. Streamate also has daily limits on how much you can spend. The default is set at $150/day, but can be changed to as low as $25 if you're trying to watch your budget.

Price Information

Membership to Streamate is 100% free of charge. This will allow you to browse around the site and engage in free video chats with performers. For premium and exclusive shows, there is a per minute fee charged. These fees range anywhere from $0.99 to $4.99 a minute. The average cost was at $2.99, although we did find a lot of budget cams particularly amongst the Asian girls. This overall pricing is in line with the averages in the industry.

Ease Of Use

Streamate is one of the simplest, most efficient cam sites on the web. Most actions take one click with little clutter to slow you down. Browsing through performers is easy with a number of ways to search. Top rated hosts are listed first for your convenience. Performers with HD and audio have icons next to their names.

The site is really built for the guy looking for quick and easy cam fun. You will be able to jump into the fray within seconds of joining.

Final Thoughts

Keep it simple stupid is a famous saying that really fits well with Streamate. The site doesn't do anything extraordinarily different, nor do they have any complex features. Their focus is on the cam shows and nothing else. They're a great starter site for a cam newbie, but also offer enough quality cam girls to make an old pro happy. With free membership, you really have nothing to lose.

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Number of Performers: 10,700

Average Cost Per Minute: $2.99

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User Reviews of Streamate


Streamates is HORRIBLE & UNPROFESSIONAL to its models. The site manipulates model profiles by removing ratings and comments & outright LIES to its own models about it. Do you have a brain and want to be treated fairly and with respect?? AVOID this horrible website. Between the CONSTANT software glitches, horrible & nonexistent model "support", stupid rules that make NO sense for this day and age (you get fired for mentioning Twitter or an Amazon WishList- LOL!), & no REAL traffic, there is absolutely no reason why a model in their right mind would choose Streamates as their camming website. Oh yeah and did I mention that they keep 65% of your earnings? Yep- they don't even bother to give you half of the money YOU make for them. Their site is now FLOODED with mediocre, boring studio models that you must share the EXTREMELY limited number of paying members with - (1,000+ models on all the time). SELF-RESPECTING MODELS: Don't waste your time and efforts with a company that doesn't give a crap about you. I ignored the red flags & trusted them - Don't make the same mistake I did, you'll regret all of the hard work and effort you put into Streamates when you realize it is all pointless. Move on to MFC , Chaturbate, or any other of the tons of camming sits out there- you'll make more money and be MUCH happier. And trust me, your clients will follow you - Members are fed up with the site as well & have no problem moving on with you to a better place.


Some of the girls are getting out of control with their prices, really 20.00 or more a min. Give your head a shake.


we are a webcam couple and this by far is one of the worst sites we've been on just because of the payout %


I was remembering Streamate as being fun but nowadays it's just a dead place with no traffic.


Newbie on the site and I truly like it so far. The guys are sweet and they like sexy bbw black chicks like myself. If you're new to camming I think it's a great place to start in order to feel comfortable and get the feel of things. Fellas check me out when I'm online


I never thought a fat girl could make money and have fun on Cam but I was wrong! I have met soooo many down to earth men it's amazing! Not all days on Cam are the best but I always seem to end up finding an interesting topic to discuss with the members in my chatroom during the slower times. I absolutely love streamate but I wish it wasn't mandatory to stream using the hd encoder in order to be granted the option to do gold shows, I pray for that day when I can afford to pay off my old internet provider so that way I can. Please feel free to check me out LIVE fellas.


It's strange reading the mixed reviews on here. I've been webcammng for many years now and I have to say that Streamate is the best! They don't show as much as MFC in free chat and they don't have as many options as Flirt4Free, but the simple nature of it is what makes it great. Like any good sports team, it's about the fundamentals! Streamates video clarity is amazing, the payment process (charge per minute rather than buying tokens or credits) is easy, and their models are wonderful! With anywhere between 1,200-1,500 models live at any given moment, you won't have any trouble finding what you are looking for. Personally, I love the 18-19 year olds. If you go to directly then you will see what I'm talking about. They are hot, horny, and full of energy! Trust me, they are the best for a reason.


Only streamate can contest with mfc but asians cams is coldand completely out of the performance of other models and low quality of image, but overall is good if u search will see something hot


OMG the best site there is so easy to get around the site! im a host here HOT_BUSTY_BLONDE, i love it so much better than the other sites, lots of pretty girls too, the billing is easy to understand, not complicated at all:) maybe i will see you guys there hehe Hot_Busty_Blonde


I started working on Streamate as a chat host almost a year ago. My initial impression, at that time, was that there seemed to be a lack of north american women. I noticed that there were a lot of eastern europeans and colombians flooding the main pages. A few americans, a few canadians but not a whole lot. I paid close attention to who my direct competition was but it wasn't until after I joined that I noticed more and more americans and canadians filling up the main pages. The site has evolved since then to accommodate more of the north americans, catering more to their needs, with regards to privacy concerns and features, allowing us the flexibility to work efficiently, ultimately earning a decent commission. Overall, the site has realized and addressed its biggest obstacle, as far as I can see, and continues to make adjustments to please its users on both ends, not just its members but its hosts, as well. Some things I'd like to see and have: ability to copy the chat at the end of a shift. It cuts off somewhere in the middle, so I actually only get a portion of it, but not all. I'd like to see members *true* handles. I hate the fact that they can choose 'display names'. Too many games are being played. I'd like them to add the features that they had said they would at last summer's meeting on yahoo messenger. Aside from that, I love it. Great site, fantastic for anyone looking to work as a cam girl. The traffic is awesome. If you can work it, there's huge potential here! Members, the site is FREE to join. Truly FREE. I know - I have a member account, too. The only time it's not free is when you choose to go private, exclusive or give gold (tips) and there's no trickery. Everything is in plain english and in print before you're charged, and you have to agree to it. Feel free to drop by and see me anytime! I'm a canadian, by the way. I often talk about hockey but can go on and on about well, just about anything you'd like to talk about. I have a unique concept in my room, called Classic Rock & Hockey Talk, which is my own little live video show. I talk hockey with my members and guests in free video, as well as play classic rock and roll music. The best atmosphere you will find in any room on the internet. It's fully interactive and a total blast! See you soon!!!


Ladidi Very cute hottie, that does all and pleases. I was very amazed finding this cutie, she is the real deal and does DP with toys. She reaches climax everytime I have spent with her. she is down to earth, and gets more personal and becomes also a friend. if you are looking for great pleasure stop by and see ladidi


I'm a cam model, and I have to give this site 4 stars. I was given rave reviews by other cam models, and the reviews are pretty accurate. The traffic is really high on this site. The pay out is average, but better than Imlive. The guys there are more polite and serious about seeing cam shows than a few other places. So overall if you are looking for a good site with good traffic, AND good customer service, I would say try streamate. The reasons why I can't give it 5 stars are because they don't allow you to opt out of free chat mode. Free chat mode is good so the customer can see you before going private, but really guys, please stop camping out in free chat rooms. They are for previews only, not for you to just sit there forever and never pay. There are free sites out there if paying is not for you, seriously. The other thing I don't like is they put some shows on tube sites, and we don't get paid for it. For the guys who complain about pricing being too high, keep in mind that cam girls do not get paid the whole amount that you give us. We only get paid 30% to 35% for most sites. So for the girls that charge only 1.99 and less, they are getting paid pennies to please you on cam, so keep that in mind. I reccomend working with this site, if you want good traffic.


i have just joined streamate and so far so good! I find the customers to be overall respectful and fun with very few time-wasters and keyboard commandos(those types that get off on coming online just to be rude and insult people) to be much lower then other sites I've been on. I'm having a LOT of fun on here and hope to be here for quite some time! Oh and BTW..I'm American for those that have complained that there arent any US girls on the site! Born and raised in New Jersey! Hope to see you all on there soon!!


Hit or miss depending on who you chat with. The prices are a bit too expensive in my opinion. If you private someone for 10 mins, you are spending $30-$45. Why not save your pennies and call an escort service? There are a lot of beautiful women on there though. Sometimes I wonder if they are really from where they say they are. For example, this Russian woman spoke perfect english but I felt like she was on cam and someone else was typing for her.... weird.


I have been a Streamate member for several years. I have found that the Russian models are a HUGE RIP OFF. They charge super high rates and then don't give a good show. Most are Russian mob controlled. When the rip you off there is nothing you can do. As for technically Streamate gets over-run and their server can keep up. You will time out trying to preview a model. Overall I have had a terrible experience with Streamate considering the amount of money I have spent over the last two or three years. I would strongly suggest you pass them by. They have serious issues.


Was told about the site decided to check it out for myself to see if maybe I would like to be a cam model also.Was impressed with the whole website when and if i do decide to be a cam model i would chose this site to work out of.


Some of the girls, especially the eastern European ones are really hot and put on a good show. Site is easy to use and all together worth the cash, but there definitely aren't any Americans and a lot of the Asians don't really try.


The Girls are absolutely gorgeous, and the one's I've talked to are nice. I would like to see more american girls on there, but I did manage to find a couple really hot ones.


It's a nice site and all but the girls really suck. Half of them just don't even acknowledge people in their chat and some were even talking on the cell phone. I didn't come across one American the entire time. I like their system and all but they have some of the worst chicks working. They definitely need to step up their game there if they want to see any of my cash.

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