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If you've ever wondered where it all started, iFriends is it. They are the originators of the adult cam world and by far the most massive site live cam site on the web. The site boasts over 500,000 registered cams and 8 million members. Over the years though, iFriends got stale and surpassed by competitors. With the launch of their iFriends v2 though, they have managed to crawl back into the thick of things.

Performer Information

iFriends is a massive collection of amateur webcam performers thrown under one roof. This will clearly be the first thing that jumps out at you upon entering the site. At any given time there are over 1,000 performers live and ready to please. iFriends offers one of the most diverse set of hosts and include some of the highest volume of niche cams in the industry. There are arguably more straight couples, lesbians, orgies, and unique fetishes online at any given time. If you are a picky consumer, iFriends is your cup of tea.

The lure of iFriends over the years has been the fact that the site is almost completely built on amateurs working from home. There aren't a lot of studios inside, which tend to utilize more generic performers with rehearsed routines. This unique element to iFriends leads to an abundance of individualism inside that can't be found anywhere else. Many of these girls use the site to make a living, while others think of it as a hobby. You tend to get more personalization on iFriends as the hosts work harder to earn your repeat business.

With this amateur element comes inconsistency. Each performer has a different webcam setup. Some use expensive, high-end equipment, while others are working off a cheap Wal-Mart webcam. Some will have fast connections with good frame rates while others won't. There are even 3 different video formats being used on the site that you'll need to have setup on your computer depending on which host you chat with (Windows Media, RealPlayer, and iFriends EasyCam Flash Player). It is up to you to find those cam girls that meet your standards.

Overall though, the quantity of performers to choose from is staggering. It's the best element of the site. It allows for members to narrow down their searches to extreme specifics. Due to their open ended nature, the site has cam girls with features that can't be found anywhere else. Some of these include HD cams, being able to directly control their webcam (CamPilot), and Multiview, an option that allows you to toggle between four separate cameras at different angles on the same girl. Not all performers will have these features, but plenty do.

Site Features

iFriends can be a confusing site. There are a lot of different features they offer, but not all of them are available for free. First, it's important to note that there are three different types of membership. They are the standard free membership, the ClubVIP membershp, and the ClubElite membership. Each of these offers different features for the member.

The standard membership is fairly barebones. In fact, you can't even register for it initially and have to downgrade to it. It allows you to browse through the cam hosts, enter free video teaser chats, and ultimately engage in nude shows with the cam girl of choice. These sessions offer almost no features to it.

ClubVIP is where things start to pick up. The membership is $6.95 a month, although the fee can be waived if you accomplish tasks from rating archived videos to participating in a number of live video chats. Benefits include being able to enlarge the webcam window, go cam to cam, and enter a private show with a performer by blocking out other users. There is even a "voyeur view" which gives you a 20 second grace period before entering a premium live video chat. You can even load up multiple hosts at the same time on one screen.

Other benefits for ClubVIP include access to HD cams, favorites list, and text message notifications on when performers are online. You will also get free access to their huge archive of pictures and videos. And when I say huge, I mean millions upon millions of free content. It's as if you're getting an amateur porn site membership for the $6.95 fee. There are also various discounts and other features for VIP members that can be found on their website.

ClubElite is the Rolls Royce of memberships at iFriends. The cost is $9.95 a month and includes all the benefits of the ClubVIP package. You'll also have access to more HD movies as well as the iFriends HD Enhanced viewing mode which offers a more crisp viewing experience. Elite members will be able to see the actual age of the chat hosts (no more 25 year olds pretending to be 18). You'll also have access to the 4 angle multiview cameras with some hosts as well as the ability to load up dozens of cams on the same screen.

Overall the features at iFriends are abundant. From fan clubs to advanced bookings, it would take too long to list everything that they have to offer. You'll find a mix between a live cam site, amateur porn site, and an adult social networking site. This is a place for hardcore cam fans that can spend the time to engulf themselves into the community.

Price Information

This is where things get a bit tricky. From a sheer live cam show point of view, things are simple. Each performer charges anywhere from $1.99/minute on up to $3.99/minute for their private show. There are various upgrades you can make and fan clubs you can join. The prices and information are within each amateur's profile page.

Membership is a different story. A standard membership is free, ClubVIP is $6.95/month, and ClubElite is $9.95/month. Members can get ClubVIP for free by rating archived videos and participating in cam shows. The standard membership is almost worthless, so we recommend only signing up if you can handle the ClubVIP charges. It is a bit disappointing because most of the features offered with ClubVIP are features that other cam sites give for free. It only becomes valuable if you plan on watching the archived videos.

One major distinction between iFriends and others is the fact that they bill you as you go along. You don't purchase credits in advance. This can become a problem if you lose track of time easily. We prefer the credit system so that we never end up inadvertently putting ourselves in the poor house. If you are using iFriends, be very attentive to the time you spend private chatting.

Ease Of Use

To call iFriends a handful is an understatement. The site is so big with so many features that it can be a nightmare to navigate at times. Cam hosts use multiple names on the site which can frustrate you when browsing. There are often technical issues as well as problems for Firefox users.

There is a big learning curve with this site and it will take some time to read through the fine print. If you're looking for a quick and easy cam experience, this is probably not it. But if you have the time and energy to play around online, iFriends can end up being very rewarding.

Final Thoughts

iFriends remains an enigma in the world of live webcams. Their site is outdated and there are elements of it that are inconsistent to what we're seeing in the newer chat sites. However, they remain one of the most unique and engrossing cam sites on the web. They are not only a destination for some of the best adult shows out there, but also one for fans of amateur homemade videos and for making new sexy friends. They are a social networking site mixed with live cam shows.

For the novice web user just looking for a quick tug, iFriends is probably not a good fit. The site takes some web savvy and time to get accustomed to. But if you are a live webcam connoisseur such as me, iFriends provides both tantalizing entertainment and hours of fun. Despite some minor warts, it remains one of our favorite sex cam sites on the web and we recommend it highly to our readers.

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User Reviews of iFriends


I don't know why this hasn't come up before, but this site has constantly double charged me with different cards, and at different ip addresses since I moved. Lets say that you go in private for 8 minutes, you will get a charge for 16 minutes. They then tell you that you were in private for 16 minutes, and will only refund the money if you close your account. I guess they don't like getting called out on their scam. I really liked a couple girls there, so stupidly went back and got the same crap. It doesn't happen by accident, and they have never fixed it, because it obviously works in their favor. I actually recorded one session with a screen capture program, just to prove it to them, and they then said that their clock counts minutes differently than mine. Well, mine has sixty seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, and guess how many hours in a day? How is their timer different? I'll tell you how. They know that they can get away with doing it to the majority of people, because people don't want to awkwardly talk to someone over the phone about the girl they were jerking off to having a dildo shoved up one of her holes. They are straight ripoff artists. It is too bad, they have some really hot girls there.


I am currentlya host on ifriends among other sides and i must be missing something here. Ive been working with them for about 6mnths now and have yet to make any money to speak of. I go on for about 3 hrs a night and i barely get 1 maybe 2 people in the room at the same time, 8 being the most ever. I just do not get it! My bf and i are in the couples section of the site and we are both ready to quit. I mean seriously, we will literally sit there staring at the screen for an hour with no buisiness. we are attractive and have a great cannon camera with zoom. There is no traffic! What are we missign? And to top it off thre are another couple in the section that has like 12 screennames going at once so basically they are 12 out of the 13 couples listed while we get onme at the bottom lol.


To the hosts who made some of the statements above, I think I can add something since I worked there for 4 years. And in billing mind you. Ifriends not only was a killer place to work (i'm no longer in the "industry") but we never screwed anyone out of their money for two reasons: we always chose to do the right thing and two, if we went around not paying hosts what they earned, we would not be in business. Generally i find these comments come from individuals who have whatever ax to grind: and if you don't, contact them to discuss the issue. Theres a whole mess of customer service folks who will make sure you get what you earned. Its simply good business sense. Other companies might take advantage of people but in my entire time there, they/we never did. The owner and management simply wouldn't allow it. again, if you feel you were wronged, contact them. I suspect they are in the same location and have the same numbers.


Up until recently I was a chathost on ifriends. When I was first a host back in 2002 it was a pretty decent site, and you got the 100% for bringing your own clients in. Now, the site is mainly geared to promote the few chathosts they like, and the rest of us are thrown in a lump. Further, I recruited new hosts, and new clients, but never received 100% except for 1. While ifriends may have been 'okay' at one time, they're clearly deluding clients about things being free, and routinely give refunds easily, even though the chathost worked like hell, and it was obvious the guy liked the show, but wanted us to work for free. I won't get into the hackers, they're all over ifriends. I decided to move on, and am designing my own site catering to my specialities.


I have been a member and host on this site for years and have enjoyed it because it makes me feel welcome. I like that it is techy and enjoy the search engines they have to browse the live sessions, videos, photos and replays to satisfy any desire


I hosted with them for a long time..and traffic has drop by 50% due to all the hackers..it's all over the net on how to hack there systems...I also ran into the same problem as the other bad review on here...they told me a clients money hadn't cleared and I didn't get paid..but sure enough my client was able to show me proof that the money went through but I never got my cut..they just kept it all...they also double charged a bunch of my clients...I finally ended up leaving cause they ended up screwing me out of a lot of money...guys dont sign up go look at all the bad report they have on them on net...just google ifriends bad reports.


I really liked it at the beginning.Great girls who know what fun is.Brains and beauty are at home on this site.The bad part is the money.I have spent 2 hours in private with a nice girl and a week after i got her screaming and cursing becouse the money didn't clear she said.Now that was weird...becouse i did pay ...but she never got the money.Also they say it loud and clear that fanclubs are free when they're actually not.They overbilled me more than once .I only visited 2 girls and my balance says differently. And if you talk t them they come up with lame excuses and never see your money back. Bottom line ... i pay but the girl doesnt get the money.Where is my $$ going ? Too bad for the girls who work there and for the member who still believe it is a fair site.It's not.


I have been hosting on iFriends past 8 years and I must say that absolutely love it,they have the best search and lot`s of nice girls to have fun with friendly and really LIVE not as on many other sites streaming taped videos, best tech support,great fanclubs where members can learn more about their favorite star and receive huge discounts for their shows, also contests where members can win free time.Also I have met great friends there.If you decide to join come check me and say hello at http://bbw-wild-cat.fanclubs.com


Ifreinds is the best. I've been a chathost here for 7 years and love it. You can come and see me live on my web cam nad check it out www.camjenny.com leads to my ifreinds page:) Jenny!


I have been a member and host on this site for years and have enjoyed it because it makes me feel welcome. I like that it is techy and enjoy the search engines they have to browse the live sessions, videos, photos and replays to satisfy any desire you may have. Two of the features I enjoy is the 'Get Closer' feature which allows a model and one of their fanclub members to have phone conversation with her when she is offline, anonymously of course, to simply catch up or to get wild and naughty with her over the phone. The other feature I enjoy is that they allow you to buy desirable items from your favorite models through that modles store front. This site allows you to make a connection with the models that no other site offers. Give this site a try and you may find that you enjoy it as much as I have.


I really did not like the interface of this iFriends site, but there are so many cams to choose from that I found myself too busy to worry about the interface. I also found that I got a lot of "bang for my buck".

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