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Back in 2011 Chaturbate launched to tepid fanfare. It had a nice design, some solid technology behind it, but it just didn't have the models or systems in place to compete with the heavy hitters in the industry. But 5 years later Chaturbate has matured into one of the best all-around cam sites in the world. A near perfect mix of free chats and private shows that fills in the voids other cam sites have left.

Performer Information

We estimate that Chaturbate has around 30,000 performers in their system. You'll find about 2,000 to 4,000 live at any given time. The split is about 70-30 in favor of females. If "real" is what you're going for, Chaturbate should be right up your alley. The performers truly feel like amateurs working out of their homes, apartments, or dorms for extra cash. The generic studio models are definitely in the minority here. This is perhaps because Chaturbate has a much higher ratio of American performers than their competitors. There is of course your Eastern European contingent but the low budget Asian cams that seem to flood other sites is incredibly small here.

Chaturbate tends to get compared to MyFreeCams due to their free chat system that relies on tips. But it differentiates itself by offering categories that MFC does not currently allow. The most prominent are the couples which is lively and dwarfs any other cam site. We see on average 100 couples performing at any given time. And these numbers include plenty of group sex rooms as well. The trans category has around 200 performers on at a given time while the men clock in at under 1,000. One of the best aspects of Chaturbate is the sheer diversity of their performers and the ability to offer up fetishes that the other free sites won't touch.

The performances vary a great deal. You've got the professionals who treat this like a job and have put forth the resources to make their shows great. High definition cameras, Lovesense devices for you to control, and plenty of other toys to keep you interested. But they've also got a lot of true amateurs. It feels like each time I login there is a first-timer popping up near the top trying to make a connection which is great. This is perhaps because it's easy to become a performer at Chaturbate. Anyone can switch their webcam on and start performing right away. The paperwork is only required for those wishing to accept tips. You'd be surprised at how many exhibitionists logon to put on a show without any interest in compensation.

Site Features

Similar to MyFreeCams, Chaturbate is largely built around the free chat. Most of the performers stick in this area and wait for tips from users to perform. A unique aspect of their system is the addition of "bots" to the system. This allows the performers to setup contests or goals for performing specific acts. For instance there might be a 100 token goal for her to take off her bra. Another popular "bot" is the ability to setup ticket shows. A couple for instance may say that anyone who puts 30 tokens in the tip jar gets access to their private show at a specific time. It makes the shows flow a little better and offer up expectations for the viewers.

Performer pages offer up all the information needed along with their video stream and chat window on top. Effort was definitely put into the technology that drives the live feed. We rarely came across hiccups with the software and the cameras are maximized to their fullest on the screen. The live feed can be customized to whatever size you like and offers up a full screen mode. It's definitely one of the nicer video platforms going right now.

Next to the live show you'll find the chat. Chaturbate allows performers to make regular users "mods" of these chats which tend to have mixed results. While we like performers having options for running their shows, we found that most moderators took their position too seriously to the detriment of the audience. There's an extensive profile underneath all the action that gives info on the performers. Many list rules of their chat, photo galleries, and the option to purchase video performances they've made in the past. Some have Amazon Wishlists and sell physical items such as panties to their fans. The profiles do have an old school Myspace feel to it and can sometimes feature graphics that make it harder to navigate away from their page.

Last but not least, one of the most unique features to the site is the ability for anyone to become a performer. With the click of a button (Broadcast Yourself) you can broadcast live from your home. Put on a show yourself or maybe see if your significant other wants to show off the exhibitionist side of your relationship. It's a great way to not only meet new people but also earn some tokens that can be used in other chatrooms.

Price Information

Chaturbate is billed as a free cam site. Meaning you can create an account without paying a dime and enjoy "Basic User" benefits. Otherwise the site runs on tokens that can be purchased in amounts ranging from $10.99 (100 tokens) up to $79.99 (1000 tokens). We found Chaturbate to be one of the easiest sites to purchase tokens on. Not only do they accept credit cards but Paypal as well which is a fantastic addition to the site.

Outside of the standard tokens, Chaturbate offers different tiers of membership. The "Basic User" is the free one that you get just for signing up. Features on this include all the free chats, the ability to view multiple cams at once, and full-screen. For power users, you can upgrade to become a Premium Member for $19.95 a month. Premium members get an ad-free experience, custom chat options, and the ability to private message with performers. There is a 200 ($20.99 value) free token bonus for upgrading. So basically they are giving you a free month to try it out when you buy your first batch of tokens. Just don't forget to cancel if you are not satisfied before the month's over.

Finally, there are opportunities to earn tokens without spending a dime of your own money. You can start broadcasting yourself and see if you have what it takes to get some tips. Refer a friend to get 10 tokens and if you refer someone who broadcasts on their own you can earn up to 500 tokens. This is one of the few sites that lets you work for tokens.

Ease Of Use

From a usability standpoint, Chaturbate is rather straightforward. Tabs on the top direct you to the specific categories while a tagging system allows you to search for something specific. Unfortunately not all the performers participate in tagging their shows so relying on that function can lead to missing out. While you can filter models by geographic location, we were disappointed to find that you can't filter for age or ethnicity. We hope that becomes a feature in the near future as the age data is featured prominently on each profile page.

Otherwise the site runs fast and videos load quickly. Everything feels one click away and we never feel confused navigating to different areas.

Final Thoughts

Chaturbate has grown into one of the best all-around live cam sites in the world. High quality performers, great presention all mixed together with an easy to operate site. The site caters to both heavy spenders and those looking for a free ride. It's one of the only places to watch couples perform hardcore for free. We highly recommend Chaturbate to anyone who enjoys live sex cams.

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