With a branded domain name such as, the expectations are high to provide one of the best cam experiences around. Launched back in 2005, the site has grown from a small service with a few loyal performers to one of the largest and most popular video chat sites on the web. With a focus on lining up the sexiest amateurs around, they have become the de facto spot for cam connoisseurs with high tastes.

Performer Information

To put it bluntly, has the best looking cam girls in the industry. From busty blondes to slender brunettes, the number of drop dead gorgeous babes is unmatched. With upwards of over 500 models online at any given time, finding someone to match your tastes is fairly easy.

The majority of the performers fall into the range of 18-30 year old females working solo. Members are able to narrow down their choices to a variety of categories based on their hair color, ethnicity, and body type. There is a good selection of couples, trannies, and fetishes that include bondage and pregnant chicks. They even list a pornstar category, though we did not recognize any of the names inside as famous adult actresses. One area that is undermanned (no pun intended) would be the gay section.

Unique to is the huge number of American girls working on the site. Most cam companies rely heavily on Eastern European and Asian performers to fill up their network. While those groups do exist at, you'll find it evident early on that the American babes prefer this site. It was an enjoyable experience to cam live with a California babe and All-American girl from the Midwest.

Like most cam sites, the speed and quality of the show is largely dependent on the performer. We did find that seemed to have a much higher percentage of high quality webcams running. We attribute this to the quality of studios that the company has recruited, as well as the number of babes working from the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. The only issue we have with the show is the use of icons that overlay the girl in the lower left hand side of the chat. These should probably be placed just under the cam box.

Site Features utilizes the time honored tradition of live teaser chats. The free video 'teaser' chat is non-nude and consists of chatting with the model. For the real action, you'll have to click ahead to their private show where you can see them perform nude. While browsing the site, some girls will already be engaged in an XXX show, in which case you can join directly. This system is used by most cam companies today and we feel is the best way to see what you're getting before dropping a dime. Fair warning though, the free teaser chats are often times filled with freeloaders begging the girl to show some skin.

The actual shows are fairly basic and utilize common features such as audio, different window sizes, and cam to cam. Performers each have their own profile that lists some rudimentary data, their live schedule, and a free picture gallery. There is an option to message performers directly, as well as add them to your favorites. For outstanding shows, you're given the ability to tip the cam girl directly.

Ratings are an important aspect to any cam site. While offers an easy to use 1-10 scale for all performers, there is one minor flaw with it. Anyone can make a rating for any performer whether or not they've seen an actual show or not. This of course leads to people rating girls strictly for their looks and not the webcam abilities. It's worth noting this so that you aren't surprised that a 10/10 performer isn't living up to the hype.

For those who don't need the live experience, there are a couple thousand videos from previous performances available in the galleries section. These are flash based, organized by niche, and 100% free. Our only gripe here is that we'd love to be able to see what videos are available for each individual performer on their profile page. Digging through these videos makes it hard if you want to pinpoint a specific girl.

Price Information

Premium nude chat is almost universally priced at $2.99 a minute (billed to the second). This isn't too high, although it's also not the most affordable cam site on the web. There is a lack of budget cams in the $1.49-$1.99 area that other sites offer. However, as we mentioned, is the Cadillac of live cam sites when it comes to performer quality. Sometimes what you pay is what you get, and these girls certainly are worth a couple extra bucks.

Membership to the site is free, although requires credit card verification. Buying credits in bulk gets you free credits as well. You'll receive 10 free credits for a $50 purchase, 25 free credits for a $75 purchase, and 35 free minutes for a $100 purchase.

Ease Of Use

Navigation is pretty straightforward at Without a lot of excess features to load the site down, the main focus is on the girls. You can view the babes by list view or gallery view. For navigating particular niches, there is a drop down menu as well as an advanced search feature. Everything loads quickly and we've yet to see a technical issue on the site.

Despite the easy learning curve, there are some improvements we'd like to see. There is currently no 'recently Viewed Cams' section available that is helpful when going from cam to cam. No activity log to see where my money is being spent. Profile pages don't show the particular videos the girl has made. And finally, we'd like to see a timer while in private chat to ensure we don't get too carried away.

Final Thoughts

If it's the quality of cam girls you're looking for, should be your choice. They feature the cream of the crop when it comes to girls both in looks and actual performance ability. Pricing is fair, and you can really make it a bargain if you're willing to buy credits in bulk. We'd love to see them add some new features as the site grows. Nonetheless, their cam girls win us over hands down and make them a must have membership in your live cam ensemble.

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Number of Performers: 15,000

Average Cost Per Minute: $1.99

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User Reviews of


sexy boy


Good very good


Your full of crap when you say it is free to join this site. I joined it and the join page claimed it was free to join. After I gave my card number and clicked send A BIG POPUP SAYIG I WAS BEING CHARGED 4.99 FIRST DAY AND 39.95 EEVRY MONTH JUST TO BE A FREE MEMBOR..WHAT A FLUCKING SCAM THIS IS.


Its hot!


Update: great looking girls But Membership to the site is not free. They ask for 9.90$ a month or for a premium account 29.90$/month for privileged services. Response: Hey rb - You are correct that they have a VIP monthly membership option and it's mandatory if you go directly through the site or through certain links. But they also have a free membership option that we link to. They probably don't want everyone to know about it, but it's out there. They do have a box with a $9.90 VIP membership clicked on the membership page, but you can unclick it and it's 100% free. You also get the $10 in free credits. So essentially most of the time you'll be forced to pay for membership, but there is a free membership area that you can use and is the one we've linked to. Hope that clears up any confusion as to why we list membership as free.


My favorite webcam site. I loved the selection of teens and black girls. Most of the them are nice looking and get very nasty but my fav was PhylishaStone. If you want good quality and with nice prices Webcams is your best bet.


Five stars without a doubt. This site kicks major fucking ass. I am basically in love with AaliyahLove on that site. Dumped $200 on her these past two weeks. Just can't stop. I love the younger looking sluts. I did check out your site to see what the others offered, but I still don't think any of them hold a candle to


Great site. I recommend you to check out these two asian babes: 'suckysucky' and 'nudedoll' they are simply amazing and you will sure want to keep coming back for more!


Checked out like 3 cam sites in my life and like this one the best. The girls are just much hotter and more willing to do whatever you want. The cam girl College_Girl is probably the best by far. I love skinny brunettes. The prices on the site are pretty good too although you do have to be careful not to spend too much time in private. They also don't boot you from the free chats like other sites do.

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