Over the years of our site's existence, ImLive has been perched at the top of the rankings with a healthy lead over much of the competition. So when the folks at ImLive announced the launch of their newest project, we were admittedly excited to peak behind the curtain.

Performer Information

From a sheer numbers standpoint, you'll find over 11,000 women registered on the site. The numbers that are active seem to range from 200-300 at any given time. If you have a particular fetish, you'll be covered as well. Thousands of trannies, gay men, couples, and lesbians can be found on While these numbers do trump many in the cam industry, it's about a third of what ImLive has to offer in terms of quantity. We get the feeling that the cams being featured on this site are the more active and higher quality cams from ImLive.

As with most cam sites these days, there seems to be a heavy influence on Eastern European ladies. Many quite stunning and enough variety to keep chubby chasers, mature lovers, and other fetish freaks happy. We found most to be friendly and attentive to our needs. But would have liked to have seen more North American girls mixed in.

Something unique is the fact that boasts a tab for pornstars. Here you'll find some of the more well known names in the adult industry. Pornstars like Jessie James, Morgan Reigns, and Sunrise Adams make their home here. 79 registered pornstars in all, although you will rarely find more than one live at any given time. Regardless, it's a nice tough for someone who wants to get private with a starlet they've seen in movies.

Site Features

With a solid company at their back, comes packed full of features for sex cam fanatics. Perhaps the most glaring and the one you'll find yourself using the most is live video preview. During navigation, you'll be able to hover over a performer's thumbnail and get a live look-in to their room. Saving yourself precious time of clicking pages and dealing with load times. It's truly a great feature that has been utilized by other companies such as that we wish everyone would implement.

Inside a chat, there are a lot of useful features. Some performers have cameras that allow them to zoom in and out on the fly, pan around the room, and even adjust contract/brightness with the click of a mouse. It speeds up the overall experience and eliminates lag time used in setting things up just the way you want. You'll also find some of the more standard features inside private sessions. The site supports cam to cam, microphones, and even remote controlled toys. You'll want to keep an eye out for thumbnails marked with an HQ as they have high quality cameras that really look great on the screen.

For easy navigation, they offer up the time tested favorites feature which lets you select your most desired performers for easy browsing during your next session. The quicklist can be used for just the current session and resets when you leave the site. The notify feature is also great and allows you to be notified via e-mail or text if your favorite performer comes online. This especially works well with the pornstar section as they don't come on that regularly.

Some other features that come standard on most sites are photo galleries, about me, free videos, teasers, and pre-recorded live shows which range from $0.99 on up to almost $5. If you hit it off with a host, you can also maintain an ongoing conversation through their basic messaging system.

Price Information

Membership to is free. You'll be able to watch them in the teaser chat and even talk to them. Mind you they won't be nude, but you can get a good idea for what they look like live and what they're willing to do in private. When you're ready to step up and purchase some credits, you'll be given options to buy in blocks of $25 up to $100. Basically a credit is worth $1. Unfortunately, there is no discount for bulk credits which is something we like to see.

We didn't like how easy it is to reload credits without you really knowing it. You'll have to be careful where and what you're clicking when getting started so that you don't accidentally double or triple your credit card charge. We actually fell for this by accident when testing the site.

As for the performers, it varies, but for the most part was affordable. Most fall in the $1.98 to $2.98 range, while a few go over and some come in at $.98. Like anything in life, you'll be paying for quality in most cases. The girls in high demand charge more while the ones who are in need of eyeballs will come in on a budget. You may want to toy around and see what kind of deals you can find before unloading your credits. Unfortunately, there is no free credit offer for initial purchases which we hope to see change in the near future. As always, we'll keep you updated if that changes.

Ease Of Use

The site is extremely easy to use and surpasses their sister site ImLive in that area. We love the live previews on the gallery page and it really does save a lot of time. You can adjust viewer size with a click of the mouse by changing the contrast, size, or level of zoom. Since this site heavily uses Ajax and other advanced web abilities, you will need an up-to-date browser with a potential bell or whistle added to fully experience it.

The only issue we had with the navigation was how easy it is to rebill yourself. It's literally one-click from hitting your credit card. We'd like some kind of warning system in place for mistakes that could occur.

Final Thoughts isn't as big or feature filled as their sister site ImLive, but it's much more contoured for the average surfer. Think of them as the express lane at your local supermarket. They take the best performers, slap on a great navigation system, and put together a good site. If you're crunched for time and looking to drop some of the dead weight that other cam sites make you dig through to get to the goods, is a nice risk-free option and worthy of a look. We've got them alongside when we need to rub one out in a rush.

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From a cam model's viewpoint: when you try to sign up for sexier dot com, it navigates you to ImLive's Model Signup page. Just thought prospective models would like to know this.


I really like it.

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