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If you're passionate about live cams, there isn't a more properly named website than Passion Cams ( Launched in 2003, can be seen listed under a variety of other aliases (see list below) that produce a quality cam environment with some features unique to the industry.

Performer Information

While clocking in at over 1,700 registered cam performers, we found that only about 40-50 live shows were running at any one time. This is low compared to some of their competitors, and one of the areas the site is striving to expand on in the coming months.

From a performer standpoint, the site is almost entirely comprised of females. There aren't a lot of niche shows running, although there are a surprisingly high number of couples. We'd estimate that around 10% of online cams at any given time are straight couples, lesbian couples, or threesomes.

The attractiveness of the chat hosts is solid and in the upper tier of cam sites. The shows appear to be a nice mix of studio and at-home amateur cam models. The quality of the performances is top notch and it's obvious that they have an experienced set of models. They were attentive to our needs and genuinely interested in their shows.

From a technical standpoint, the shows lack a lot from what their competitors offer. The chat window is small and can't be expanded to a larger size. There is choppiness most of the time which stems from poor frame rate speeds. Shows just don't play out as smooth as they should. The one plus is that it is Java based and doesn't require downloading of any software.

Site Features

Passion Cams has a run-of-the-mill set of features that can be found at most cam sites. The chats are broken into free and private, with the option for both listed on the main page. The free teaser chat does have video and allows you to discuss what she's willing to do inside the private chat. Private chats aren't 1-on-1 necessarily and can involve as many paying customers as desired. However, there are rarely more than one person in the private shows and you'll often find yourselves alone with the performer.

Chat hosts have photos broken into two sections, high resolution and cam gallery. The hi-res shots look to be taken with digital cameras and can be extensive with some hosts. The cam gallery is a set of screenshots from previous shows. Both sets of galleries are marked by the date the pictures were taken on. The high resolution pictures are a nice touch and can be expanded to much larger sizes, something that most other sites fail to offer.

Members have the ability to add their favorite cam girls to their favorites section as well as subscribe to their RSS feed to notify you when they're online. A newer feature is the ability to add expanded reviews for each performer. These reviews are not just a 1-10 scale, but also offer some space for the member to write a brief description of their experience. It's a nice way to get more in-depth feedback about a cam girl before paying. We wish more sites would offer this instead of the generic rating system.

Passion Cams is a basic site that isn't going to blow you away with their features. We'd personally like to see recorded shows added to their arsenal in the future. One of the best aspects of their site though is a solid customer support system. It's by far one of the tops in the industry and shows they care about their customer's satisfaction.

Price Information

Private shows run between $1.99 and $2.99 a minute with the majority being in at the lower end of that scale. It makes Passion Cams one of the more affordable cam sites on the web. They bill down to the second which can save you a few bucks, and don't charge you for cam to cam.

Membership is free and comes complete with $10 in free bonus credit with no strings attached. It's a great way to test out the site and get some action under your belt before paying for shows. Purchasing credits is easy and members are billed anonymously.

Our biggest gripes are that the lowest amount of credits you can purchase is $50. Most sites offer $25-$30 options for their users. There are also no discounts for buying credits in bulk.

Ease Of Use

Passion Cams is a straightforward site that is easy to use. Twenty-one models are laid out on each page. Users can click between 5 options on each girl that include Live Show, Free Chat, Bio Page, Hi-Res Pics, and Cam Gallery. Members are given a warning page before entering a paid chat area.

Final Thoughts

Passion Cams works under a number of familiar and un-familiar aliases. You may have heard of them as LiveByCam, ClubXLive, and Purity Cams. They are essentially the same sites but with different layouts. If you prefer one of the other layouts, your account will work on any of those sites listed. In fact, your username and password will also work on (review coming soon). OneCams is unique in the fact they get a lot of shows featuring famous internet amateurs. They specialize in full nude hour long shows at reasonable rates and provide weekly free one hour live shows to members. You'll certainly want to take your Passion Cams username and login to OneCams during those free shows.

Overall, Passion Cams is a quality site that just lacks the large performer base. Technically the site could use an upgrade to enhance speeds and size of their chat windows. But outside of that, they offer low costs and the standard features you'd expect. They're an honest company that stays away from aggressive billing tactics and spamming. There's no harm in creating a free account and testing them out with the free $10 in credits. Worst case scenario is you head over to their sister cam site once a week for the free nude show.

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Number of Performers: 3,000

Average Cost Per Minute: $1.99

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Free Chat
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User Reviews of Passion Cams


Don't bother. Only a few online and almost every single one is a bot.


isnt the best but its ok


I'm in LOVE! I personally like this site because of the quality of chat hosts. If I miss my favorite chat host being online I can always catch up by viewing the latest video :) The features are also much better than the rest of the cam sites out there. 5 stars! and thank you Passioncams!


They totally redesigned this site. Now it has HD video, tipping, offline messages and you can Friend the host. I don't know any other site you can do that.


its the best thing that ever happened to the computer


The site isn't bad. Not a ton of girls but the ones they do have perform real well. Not many young girls, mostly just ones in their late twenties or early thirties. They do give you 10 free credits which is about 5 minutes of private chat time just for signing up. If they add some more hosts and get a better design I would give it 5 stars.


This site was alright not the best wouldn't recommend.

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