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Unless you've been hiding under a rock over the years, there is a good chance you've heard about Live Jasmin. Their site's red background is a fixture in the cam industry and a sign that you've hit cam girl heaven. They are one of the oldest and most established video chat sites out there.

Specializing in private sex shows, the folks at LiveJasmin give a wide variety of options to their customers. An array of live adult performances tops the list, but do not overshadow a strong dating section and video-on-demand service of previous cam shows. There is a lot to offer inside their members area that should appeal to both rookies and veterans of this industry.

Performer Information

Being one of the oldest cam sites in existence, Live Jasmin has built up a huge stable of experienced cam performers. There are just fewer than 1,000 performers available at any time of day and are broken down into categories by type (solo, couples, lesbians, group, gay, etc). From there you can break things down even further by age, breast size, ethnicity, and even their grooming habits (shaved vs hairy). Unique to LiveJasmin is the ability to breakdown by what they are capable of doing. Some of these include having stockings available, being able to squirt, or just having a camera with the capability to zoom in tight.

The overwhelming majority of women on the site are European. While this provides some extraordinarily beautiful ladies to choose from, it also means that many of them don't speak English too well. About 20% of the performers are of Asian descent and 10% Latina. A solid mix of ethnicities goes well with their mix of other attributes to make their overall performers a diverse group to choose from.

Cam shows are decent, although lack the personal touch that can be provided elsewhere. This may be due in part to the language barrier, or the fact that many of the girls also perform on other cam sites at the same time. Shows can be viewed in small size, double size, or full size. The transition from one size to another is seamless and the quality doesn't take a big hit. We felt the double size was a perfect fit for our needs. Despite the show's clarity, we were disappointed that so few performers had audio available.

Site Features

Live Jasmin is a straightforward cam site that really doesn't derail too much from the basics. Shows are broken into two different areas. Free chats, which are typically in a non-nude setting, allow members to chat with the performer before paying for their services. Private shows are where the action takes place and allow you to get intimate with the host. Once inside a private chat, you're given the ability to cam2cam with them.

Each performer has its own profile page that is beyond simplistic. There is a short description, handful of screenshots, and ability to add to your favorites. Members are able to rate the girl on a scale of 1-5 stars, as well as write a review. Unfortunately, it appears that the powers to be at Live Jasmin do not like negative reviews of their performers and will thus delete them upon seeing them. This is not an attribute that caters to their members and a knock against the company.

Lacking from their features are performer schedules, messaging system, as well as fan clubs to earn discounts to particular hosts. There are videos on demand, however they are not as abundant as other sites. There are only a handful of girl participating in this area. There is a message board on the site to discuss performers and the site, although it is heavily moderated. We have also received report that customer service is not helpful at times.

Die hard members may like a unique feature that allows you to become an exclusive VIP. The TopMember program gives you exclusive rights to vote for performer awards, as well as have performers vote for them. Votes they receive will be rewarded in terms of free credits. VIPs will also be distinguished in the chat and receive preferential treatment from performers. There are also some other minor benefits such as advanced search and extended favorites which probably should be offered to all members.

Price Information

Pricing at Live Jasmin is arguably the most affordable out of any other site on the web. Private shows can be obtained for $1.99 most of the time, with many going for less. Video-on-demand can be purchased at $0.59 a minute and is the cheapest price per minute on this feature in the industry. Becoming a TopMember costs 15 credits every two weeks, which is quite expensive when you factor in that many of the benefits are standards on other sites.

Similar to other cam sites, Live Jasmin doesn't come across as affordable for non-US customers. They treat Euros and some other currencies the same as the dollar. That means 1 Euro equals 1 credit while 1 U.S. dollar equals 1 credit. This makes many Europeans have to pay 33% more for their shows than Americans.

Ease Of Use

Live Jasmin is one of the easier cam sites to use on a daily basis. It's a one click shop that gets you from girl to girl with ease. Categories and sub-categories make it easy to find the performer of your choice, although an advanced search may benefit the site at a later date.

From a technical standpoint, the site runs flawlessly. Shows are smooth and load quickly. We have yet to see the site hit with any downtime in the years we've been covering it.

Final Thoughts

The best real world comparison that can be made with Live Jasmin is a fast food restaurant. That isn't an insult either. They are convenient, provide a big selection, and are really cheap. Sure you aren't getting the Prime Rib of performers, but you are getting a big bang for your buck. Live Jasmin has its flaws and lacks some of the features that have become standard at other sites, but if you're on a tight budget, they make a solid selection for any horny cam seeker.

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User Reviews of Live Jasmin


I hate the site these days, one of the worst performers is an Asian called aslutsexmaniac also its too expensive.


Make no mistake! The way how Live Jasmin is counting credit usage is an absolute blunder and a money trap! yes, they do advertize 1.99 per min and $1.99 being 1 credit. In reality, everytime I have entered a private show and remained there for only a couple of minutes, not more, they have taken out my credit balance twice or more of my remaining credits. Recently, I purchased $69.99 (69.99 credits) this should last for a good 35 minutes but in fact it only lasted for 10 our 15 min. Beware of how credits are disapearing from your balance! This was absolutely disappointing in spite of the quality of the cam broadcasts and stunning beautiful models. My credits just went down the sink in matter of a few minutes. I have monitored the minutes/cedits usage and there is a total discrespancy between what has been counted on my chronometer and what Live Jasmin has been taking from the remaining credit balance. I'm not bying any more credits


Forums are made to express yourself without being rude or insults or bad words. Livejasmin forum is FAKE. they dont allow you to post negative reviews, they delete them. if a member is not satisfied in a show, he should post that he is satisfied or his post will be deleted. So livejasmin is not playing fair and honest.




Hi i am a studio owner at live jasmin . They try and EXPLOIT Many of my performers By Moving them into different Category's For example : HOT FLIRT category Mean they can Hot flirt with the members and they dont have to get Full nude if the members ask. GIRL category If a member ask to get naked they must according to the performers agreement, Now After one of my Performers Came First In the Category of HOT FLIRT ( Performer with the most members votes of that period)They Moved her into GIRL category Without telling Her Or Me that means now she is Forced to get naked according to the agreement when she was in a category that allows her to be comfortable and not get naked. This act was only done , And this is my personal opinion FOR THE FACT they can make more money off her and the girl category,as partner sites that can view her but not in HOTFLIRT! She made over 103 points in a period she made around 2000 in two weeks they looked at it like 100 members in hot flirt 10000's in GIRL So more money to be made if we put her in a bigger market. After 48 hours of threat's to sue and talk to the proper authorites they moved her back but several admins said no to her and me in support chat . Now we have another problem with livejasmin on Members wanting to send gifts to her Via AMAZON Gift wish list They want let her tell members about it There reason is ( CONTACTING OUT SIDE OF LIVEJASMIN ) But other cam sites allows this to happen because U cant contact the person via there wish list, its a site that allows privet purchases to people without even the knowledge of hows purchasing it . IF YOU ARE THINKING OF BECOMING a PERFORMER OR MEMBER TO A CAM SITE PLEASE DONT USE THIS ONE we have had so many problems with this site, The support are automated responses and rarely get back to you in 24 hours the online support cant speak english and dont understand your point of view at all, I have even heard from the performers off members that they are over charging on there credit cards Please feel free to contacting anytime at if u are having trouble on this site I have a Australian Lawyers here to help you P.S there agreement dosen't hold up in court either Well in Australian Court Anyways


load of rubbish models are ignorent to guests, how can u get to know them if they will not chat, i have tried no one will talk if u are a guest all they want is yor cash, the only answer was, quest. hi hru. i got pvt.


it is my first site,i live in small no rich country,and it is the best work for me


I love live jasmin! I work on there but don't feel like it's a job. I have fun with the guys who talk to me and take me private. I frequently visit other models to see what they are up to and to make sure I'm up to everyone else's standards. I think that members get a lot for what they pay for! Here is my really long review. If you like the site please use my link so I can make a little extra money for referring you, I would really appreciate it! Here's the link PROS: There is always a wide variety of models to suit any taste and the private chats are as low as US $1 per minute (most models charge between US$2 and $3 per minute. There is also cam to cam, which a lot of the models really enjoy and also audio to audio! Very detailed categorization and search. You can look for white chick, average build and a certain age and there are still hundreds that come up. They even have searches for FETISHES! As a member you can save 1- to 5-star personal rating for each model (and search based on this) - No recurring fees or subscriptions required - No payment or credit card required to register - Payment options available that do not reveal your CC number to LiveJasmin *and* are reasonably priced - 3D (red/blue) available for some models - Site is always improving, with new features showing up every couple of months CONS: You can only mark 15 "favorites" if not a subscriber. Skill and attitude of models varies greatly, mainly because guests get very annoying on there. And there is a Minimum deposit is US $30 any time you add credits to your account.


Very good review guys. I'm a member there and I agree that the site is going very expensive for us on the Euro zone. By today's rate we should been receiving __at least__ more 40% of credits since the Euro has been 1.45 to 1.51 dolars. Not fair and I'm consedering getting no more credits until they review this. Also the performrs receive in dolars even if we are charged Euros. Not fair and i'm felling LJ is scamming us big time. There's one thing that I disagree with you ; I think that latinas+ asians are around 40% of the performers. Perhpaps depending on hours, but they are a lot.


I find it unfair that in the UK it cocts 28pounds for 29 credits whilst in the US it would cost the same in dollars, yet I remeber last year that it cost $15 for 29 credits! I know the pound has slumped lately but even still.


Just a question: usa members pay $30 for 30 credits , while other pay 30 euro = $ 45 for 30 credits. Dont you think it is not fair and rip off? this means they charge other countries $15 additional. Well i find it not fair. Response: We do think that is unfair. Unfortunately, it seems to be common amongst most of the cam sites out there. We didn't see it when we made the original review for Live Jasmin but will definitely add it and adjust score appropriately. Will also try to find some sites that are Euro friendly and post them on the blog. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


LiveJasmin I think is great! Very easy agreements,and very strict rules to keep us safe. I would highly reccomend this site for someone who wants to get in to the adult industry. You can make alot of money in one night,or in that paid period.I know I have alot of fun on there,so you would have a lot of fun as well.

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