How We Review Sites

Reviews are the heart and soul of our site and perhaps the reason you have come across our cozy corner on the web. We are pleased that you would consider trusting your choice of a cam site with us. But with that comes great responsibility, something we don't take lightly. We aim to provide honest and fair reviews to hopefully make your decision easier. And with that, we feel it's important to let you know just what we're looking for when we review a site.

The first point we'd like to make is that our reviews are based on a comparison of sites. This is especially important to note when using the star system to make your decision. A 5-star company is by no means perfect. It just means that compared to the other companies that we have reviewed, they are at the top. There is no company that will ever be perfect, and we do our best to find the relevant flaws in each one.

We have broken our reviews into four parts, all based on factors of the site that we feel are important. That isn't to say that these areas are equally important though. One person may feel price is the most important element to a cam site, while another may believe it to be the number of cam girls available. It is up to you to weight the different elements and decide which site is best for you.

Each company featured on has been thoroughly reviewed. We have signed up to each of these sites and used as many areas of the site as possible. The performers and companies are unaware of who we are and when we are visiting. We try our best to check in on the sites once a month, although occasionally visit more often. Feedback from readers like you also help in creating our consensus.

Performer Information -This may be the most important element in our reviews and includes our opinion of the performers on the site. We take into account the number of hosts available, factoring in the number of specialty cams (BBW, Trans, Fetish, etc) that are available. Quality of shows is looked at and how the paying customer is treated by the performer. This not only includes what the performer does and how she acts, but video quality, sound, and any other extras that effect the experience.

Site Features - This is our look at what else the live cam site may have to offer. This may include fan clubs, recorded shows, picture galleries, and special promotions. Essentially everything else that is there that isn't included in the actual show. This can often be the difference in a good site and a great one.

Price Information - Simply put, this is the overall value we consumers are getting from the site. We look at price per minute, discounts, and free bonuses that may be offered to new members. Whether a site has a monthly membership fee or not. We take a look at how currency is converted from one country to another. If it's being put on your credit card, we'll let you know if it's worth it.

Ease of Use - An underrated aspect to webcam sites that can really affect the overall experience. We see how seamless features are implemented and what kind of learning curve is needed to get the most out of a site.

While we do our best to provide an informational review to everyone, we will never be able to touch on every topic. That is why we've implemented user reviews. This is a chance for you to voice your opinion on a site. It is worth noting that the user scores will often be lower than our scores. That's because people who have had negative experiences are more likely to rate and review a product or service. Despite that difference, negative reviews are essential to the site and pinpoint flaws that we have either missed or didn't realize were so important.

For further questions or concerns on the review process at, please contact us. If you agree or disagree with our review, fill out a user review at the bottom of every review.