Tips for Incoming Hosts

So you've decided to be a webcam performer and taken the necessary steps by getting the equipment and signing up. Now it's time to maximize your time online and earn as much cash as you can. These tips will hopefully help you in your quest for online cam stardom.

  • Fill out your profile. Most cam sites allow the performers to fill out a detailed profile with everything from measurements to sexual questions. You can also fill out a schedule to inform customers what time you'll be on and offline. It's a great way to allow people to get to know you better and set their schedules up for you for repeat business.
  • Come prepared for anything. Each customer has unique tastes and the more fantasies you are able to fulfill, the more business you will get. This means offering an array of sexy outfits that include some fetishes like a French maid or naughty nurse. You'll also want to keep all your toys handy from dildos, vibrators, to beads.
  • If you're studio looks like trash, surfers will think your show is trash. Clean up the area you are performing in prior to your shows and keep a frills free set that allows the individual to give their undivided attention to you.
  • Quality is the key. Don't skimp on a webcam. If you're planning to do this for the long haul, invest in some nice video equipment. Having a remote control that controls the camera is almost a must these days. It's the difference in doing a 3 minute show and a 10 minute show. You'll also find tons of repeat business when they see your camera is better than the other performers.
  • Lighting is really important for shows. You'll want to perform in a well lit area that doesn't have any glare from the camera. Run some test shows to see how the light hits your body. Investing in some soft light bulbs can work well. You'll want to stay away from the room being too dark unless you are going for a goth type show.
  • Audio can separate the winners from the losers. If you are stuck with the camera that is built into your webcam, make sure that all the background noise is gone for your show. This means no music or TV. Bad microphones amplify background sound and can ruin the experience for your paying customer.
  • Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Don't be afraid to create an account, put a few bucks in it and see what the other performers are doing. Many cam sites have ratings for each model and you can see what some of the top rated performers do during their shows. If it works for them, it'll probably work for you.
  • Use multiple cam sites at one time. If you get tired of waiting for action on one cam site, open up another window and try another one at the same time. Dual monitors can be your friend for this.
  • No freebies. There are tons of beggars and freeloaders in the chats looking for a free peek at the goods. Don't give it to them.
  • Make Friends. Many of the big cam sites have fan clubs that customers can join. It's a quick way to make a few extra bucks a month without any work. How do you do this? Be friendly with the guys that frequent your chats. Take notes on the regulars and remember their locations and interests. It can pay big dividends in the end.
  • Don't have off nights. If you aren't in the mood or don't feel like looking nice, don't get on cam. Each site has a rating system of sorts and you don't want a bad night to take your overall rating down.
  • Practice makes perfect. It sounds cliche, but practicing what you'll do on camera can be a great way to see what angles and zooms work best for you. The customer will appreciate your effort and come back for more later.
  • Teaser chats are tedious and at times annoying. Try to keep a happy face though and show interest in everyone with money in their account. Showing a lethargic and bored attitude in these free chats is a huge turnoff to those looking to fork down $30 to see you naked.

These should help you get started in your quest to earn money in the webcam performing community. If you have experience and would like to lend some tips of your own to be added to Sex Cams 101, feel free to use our contact form at any time.